The Importance of a ‘Customer Journey’ to Freezones

Customer Journey

The recent buzz around customer experience, customer happiness and customer intelligence, has led many to take another look at their current customer journey. A customer journey may span many touch points across the organization and as such should be carefully thought through when carrying out an investigative analysis of this area.

Traditionally, freezone’s have focused on logistical, infrastructure, operational and legal aspects of the zone. However, new insights from powerful tools such as Analytics, Social Media and Chatbots has led freezone bodies, authorities and companies alike, to review and revise their customer journeys to reflect a more digital savvy end customer.

This is even more so the case here in Dubai where 30+ freezones are competing heavily on customer acquisition and customer service. Where attracting international investors and FDI is so important for an industry (i.e. freezones), ensuring a seamless customer experience through a well thought through customer journey must be a critical priority.

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